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Website and Service Launching January 2023

Online Strength and Conditioning service for Running, Athletics, Rugby, Soccer, Cycling, Climbing, Triathlon, Boxing, MMA, Golf, Cricket, Winter Sports, Weightlifting. Worldwide access.  World Class coaching Programmes

S&C for Runners

Off the shelf and bespoke S&C for Runners of all ages and abilities. Suitable for all discipline and distance, track to Trail.

Bespoke S&C

Tailored S&C for all Sport and Athletics.  Access to remote 1-2-1 coaching in your own home or gym.

Online S&C Classes

Drop in online S&C classes with experienced coach.  All sessions recorded and accessible.  Join from the comfort of your own home with limited equipment. from stathletica

Launching January 2023

World class Strength & Conditioning delivered online to athletes of all ages and abilities.  Off the shelf and bespoke options for those introducing an S&C element to their training for the first time and seasoned athletes looking for a competitive edge.

Professional, friendly, and fun.  We are based out of our SoulTrain Athletic facility near Sheffield (UK) where we provide face to face S&C to amateur and professional athletes along with other amazing members of the public.

This service will be launching January 2023 but if you have any questions please contact: and we will be happy to help.

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