Welcome Steel City Striders runners to the special opportunity page @ SoulTrain Health & Fitness (#stathletica).

First a little background.  I'm Maz the owner of a small private training facility in Dronfield.  Some of you will know me as a fellow Strider (yes, the one with absolutely zero navigational skills, heh heh) with a passion for endurance sports and helping people to achieve their goals (even if they transcend sports and athletics we'll help).  I work with a small team of qualified, experienced, (super friendly) Strength & Conditioning coaches.  We help athletes from various sporting disciplines to prepare for an upcoming season, event or competition and these athletes range from grassroots (definitely my current level as a runner) through to current world or elite levels.

Strength & Conditioning for Runners

If you've made it this far you're clearly a runner and will perhaps be wondering what this Strength & Conditioning (S&C) might mean to you?  OK, we'll make this as simple as we can.  You may have read or heard through chats on long runs that adding an element of strength training to your running programme, in order to help you achieve goals e.g. a Parkrun PB, promotion from division 5 in the Striders Race League (OK, I'll try harder this season, heh heh) etc, etc, may be a good thing?  Well, yes it can be a good thing and there are a number of key benefits. Let's have a quick look at these:

Improved Running Economy (RE). The more economically you run at any speed, the less oxygen you use.  Think Tesla.  They make pretty sporty motors that run longer and faster on less fuel than say a Rolls Royce (10MPG I believe)!! I know nothing about cars btw.

Improved Time Trial.  Think Parkrun.  Granted it's 'not a race' but yes, it's a timed event over a measured distance.  Potentially take some time off a Parkrun PB.

Improved Top End Speed.  Simply put, your max speed has the potential to improve.

Build Resilience. There is no such thing as bullet proofing yourself and injury's can, and... Let's just say, injuries can occur and the incidence for runners is pretty high.  Adding a Strength component to your running programme can help to mitigate this, and if you do unfortunately pick up an injury, the likelihood that you'll return to running sooner, and stronger may be enhanced.

Special opportunities for Striders


  • Improved running economy (RE)

  • Improved time trial

  • Improved top end speed

  • Build resilience


  • Well equipped private facility (easy to reach with parking)

  • Qualified coaches (distance runners too)

  • 1-2-1 and small group sessions (Max 6 persons)

Introductory offer: £100 for 6 x 1-2-1 sessions* This offer is super limited! Contact: maz@soultrain.me

Small Group Strength & Conditioning for Runners

Drop in sessions starting Tuesday 17th March, 8PM (Further sessions to be scheduled). £5 per head for Striders. Max of 6 persons per session to allow for optimal coaching.  New programmes starting in April.  For further information Contact: maz@soultrain.me

Everyday discount for Striders:

As a fellow Strider we want to ensure you have the best opportunity to achieve your goals, so we're offering 20% off all training sessions or programmes (1-2-1, Small Group, S&C).  To apply the discount, simply inform us of your Strider status when enrolling on a programme.


Any questions contact Maz info@soultrain.me


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